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Our range of services

So that your construction project will be a success, we wish to accompany and consult you during the planning phase already. We cover weak spots, develop thought-out climate concepts and creative individual solutions. With the help of our calculations, you achieve a maximum in climate comfort with a minimum in costs.

Here are our performances in overview

The building structure and its envelope

  • Facade consultation
  • Heat insulation consultation
  • Solar protection consultation
  • Natural ventilation and ventilation systems
  • Solar architecture
  • Passive houses
  • Plus energy houses
  • Renovations

Dynamic building simulation with TAS

  • 3D shadow computation
  • Computation of climate facades and atriums
  • Room comfort rating with temperature course and temperature statistics
  • Computation of natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation
  • Analysis of condensation
  • Dynamic energy balances
  • Concrete core activation
  • Geothermal cooling
  • Operating cost determination
  • Operating cost forecast
  • Life Cycle analysis

Energy generation and energy supply

  • Energy concepts
  • CO2 neutral buildings
  • As built stock-taking and optimisation of the building services engineering
  • Tariff consultation
  • Energy-Benchmarks und Controlling

Certification and Audits

  • DGNB
  • LEED
  • Energy Audit
  • DIN EN 16247
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • EnEV

Flow simulation with AMBIENS and PHOENICS

  • Temperature stratification and airflow for atriums and climate facades
  • Computation of airflow around high-rise buildings in urban planning
  • Comfort studies
  • Reduction of pollution transport

Light simulation with 3ds max design

  • Light simulation with 3ds max design
  • Visualisation of light effects
  • Computation of the daylight proportion
  • Lighting concepts
  • Photo-realistic representations